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Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2008 - Days 1 & 2

Day 1
Jason Gonderman
| Contributor
Posted March 1, 2008

Web Exclusive

It's Monday, March 17th 2008, and we are all here... in Moab Utah.

The whole gang is here, Fred rolled out in the UAJK, Kevin our long-term JK Rubicon, Editor Pewe brought a couple of Flatties, and Ali and I cruised out in his Superduty (pick up next months issue for the build of the Superduty). Mine and Ali's journey to Moab started out at our world headquarters in the hills high above Los Angeles (or maybe that just sounds better than where we really met) early on Sunday morning (I know I know, I'm a day behind... sue me). The drive to Moab was pretty uneventful with the exception of nearly running out of fuel, getting caught in a snow storm... in all of Utah, seeing several cars and semi's in ditchs, and getting our windows cleaned for free while fueling up (does that even happen anymore in this country?).

So that's it, we made it, the weather in Moab is freezing cold, and we are out on the trails covering all the action we can for you, our favorite readers!


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Check out Page 2 for exciting Moab action from Day 2 of Easter Jeep Safari 2008!

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