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Wooly's Off Road Park Alabama - Wild Wooly's Weekend

Posted in Events on April 1, 2008
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We grabbed our bags, locked the shop, and hopped a free-bird down to Alabama for some good times in the back woods. The Southeast is a great place to wheel, and the 4x4s that live down there strike fear in even the biggest rocks. lucky forus, some friends had set up a ride at a little family place called Wooly's off Road park. wooly's has about 500 acres situated a short distance outside of lewisburg, Tennessee. we spent a long day cruising up and down the trails, watching folks spin tires on snotty mud climbs, and even had some guys running their rides off the motorcycle jumps.

On our way home from wooly's we stopped by the Elk Ranch, which is hidden in the woods near Florette, Alabama. The last Saturday in August is the date of the king of the hill race where drivers can throttle their rides up the side of a mountain strewn with boulders so big they make 44-inch tires look like training wheels. we got to see folks batter, bash, and crash their way all over these stone-covered trails, and had a great time doing it. So if you're southbound be sure to stop and have a look at what these two sites have to offer.

To contact wooly's, call the wolaver family at 931.703.3129, or visit To learn more about the Elk Ranch/king of the hill, contact Rocket city off Road in huntsville, Alabama (256.883.1131, If you think you want to compete, visit the Rocket city Rockcrawlers at

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