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Full Size 4 Wheel Drive Trucks of Moab Easter Jeep Safari - Moab Monsters

Posted in Events on August 1, 2008
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Bill Hottel's rig has seen a trail or two since we first caught up with his '80s Chevy last year in Moab. Always having fun on the trail, this bruised Blazer showed us how body damage is a laughable offense, as the skinny pedal was designed to go to the floor for a reason.

The Easter Jeep Safari In Moab is nothing short of a blast, and although we love the outpouring of Jeeps, one thing we can't get enough of is the fullsized rigs. Like taking a trip back in time it's simply amazing to see these massive metal marvels dominate the rocky terrain amongst a sea of round-light wheelers. it's remarkable how so many dedicated trail rigs have incorporated some piece of heavyweight history on to themselves. Whether that is in the form of axles, transfer cases, or engines, we've found a plethora of modern-day trail machines that have more in common with the late '70s than Disco stu has.

Though these dinosaurs are not as common as they use to be, a few dedicated sheetmetal lovers still continue to push their fullsize rigs where few others would dare to go. this year we were happy to see some new faces in the mix and always encouraged by the big-wheel guys that never say die. Maybe next year we'll find your fullsize creation out on the trail, thus keeping yet another mini-wheeler from plucking a drivetrain from where it rightfully belongs.

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