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MOROC Extreme Off Road Racing Series - Moroc

Posted in Events on September 1, 2008 Comment (0)
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One of the best events to watch is the side-by-side course racing. Powering up and over jagged and rain-covered rocks, competitors raced up and back down each lane of the course in hopes of snatching the lowest time.

From the first compression cycle of the engine to the last panic rev right before a rollover, rock racing is one of the most exciting and extreme off-roading spectacles that you will ever see. With the courses designed to challenge the drivers and keep the spectators on their toes, the MOROC extreme off-road racing series is designed to push everything from stock trucks to tube creations to their utmost limits. Though not exactly something you want to drop your daily driver in the midst of, it is an event that you can bring the whole family to watch. By creating a spectator-friendly series, MOROC president Nathan Davis hopes to bring in people from all walks of life to show how these man-made creations match up against the natural challenges of Mother Earth. Recently we got the chance to head out to Superlift ORV Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for one of the MOROC series stops, and after spending some time with the drivers and mixing it up with the crowd, one thing was certain, these events are not only exciting for the participants, but the spectators as well. For more information about MOROC and to find an event near you, visit

Buddy Daugherty is a man that knows how to put on a great show. Though you can usually find his orange Unlimited buggy lifting a wheel or two, you won't find him without a smile on his face. This guy is what rock racing is all about.

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Even after multiple rolls, flops, and winch-cable breakage, no one was seriously injured. Each and every vehicle that participates in a MOROC event is required to have a rollcage, and drivers and codrivers are both required to wear helmets and safety harness. This keeps participants safe and our wheeling lands open!

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