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King Of The Hammers Race Car Setup - Rolling Anvils

Posted in Events on July 1, 2009
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What makes a rig seem indestructible? Is it an over-the-top multilink suspension system fitted with shocks that sound more like your grandpa's heart surgery? Maybe it's a set of custom Dana 60 axles with cryogenically frozen parts that even Superman can't break? Well, for all of you looking for that perfect bombproof formula for building a rig, just ask the competitors of the King of the Hammers, or maybe just the ones who finished (sorry, guys--just a little race humor).

We spent hours roaming the pits at this year's KOH race looking for new technology and for the hot setup for the race. Though the jury is still out on what was the primo vehicle configuration, we saw plenty of smart race technology that all types of rigs could benefit from. Here's a peak at some of the craftsmanship that allowed the racers to tackle everything from the massive desert whoops to the relentless rocks of the Hammer trails.

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From one-seat moon-buggies to modified trail creations, the King of the Hammers race was filled with a great mix of tube and technology. Desert racing is nothing new, and while rock racing has been around for a hot minute as well, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who could tell you without question what the perfect vehicle setup to conquer both is. If you ask us, the real winner here is anyone who owns a four-wheel drive. It's no secret that competition has always been a breeding ground for innovation and new ideas. It's what gets our hobby moving forward and brings us glimpses of the future. A race buggy might not be in your future, but then again a decade ago coilovers were only for monster trucks and big-buck builds. Times are a changing, and events like the King of the Hammers is just another instrument to help move things along.

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