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Penn's Creek Pennsylvania Mud Bog - Mud Mid-Penn Mud

Posted in Events on October 1, 2009
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It's not all tractor tires and giant lifts. This little truck had plenty of scoot under the hood and zoomie exhaust to prove it. Check out the PVC plumbing snorkel.

It started with a $5 bet between Bob Schuler and his friend. Bob has some property in central Pennsylvania, and after logging a small section he ended up with a little mud bog fed by a nearby spring. As can happen, a wild hair got Bob stuck in the pit one day, resulting in long hours of digging, dragging, and winching to free himself. While telling the story to a friend, Bob commented that even his buddy's truck on 44-inch tires would get stuck in this hole since it was so deep, sloppy, and sticky. The next thing you know a small wager was placed on that hole.

Eventually the friend's truck did make it through and things escalated. Bob made the hole deeper each year, and each year more guys came looking to cross it. Now after more than 10 years of mud slinging, the Diamond S mud bog has become a twice-a-year happening. Outside Penn's Creek, Pennsylvania, Bob and his wife Denal, along with the help of the Mud Slinging Social Misfits off-road club, put on this mud-whompin' extravaganza on the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. There's mud for any rig with 33-inch tires or taller, so don't miss the next event. To find out more, check out

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