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3rd Annual Muddi Gras

Posted in Events on June 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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We stomped in it as little kids, we blast through it whenever it's on the side of the highway, and some of our favorite wrestlers throw down in it! But we just can't pinpoint what it is about mud that draws four-wheelers to it like cats to tuna. Certainly there's no scientific explanation for the attraction, but mud events on the East Coast and in the Midwest are as big as 4x4 events get. When thousands of participants show up to participate in an all-out Mudfest, it is guaranteed four-wheel entertainment and action!

As far as the eye could see at Muddi Gras was a sea of mud vehicles, people, and crazy fun. You have to experience at least one mud event in your lifetime, and a great place to hang out is where everyone is getting their vehicles stuck.

The 3rd Annual Muddi Gras event was held outside Kenansville, Florida. The three-day event is held on over 400 acres of private farm with 65 acres of mud and deep water for incredible mud-machine wheelin'. We are told by the event coordinators that it is almost impossible to count the number of people who have shown up for Muddi Gras, but over the course of the three days an estimated 10,000 spectators and participants attended with thousands of vehicles.

The first day of Muddi Gras was greeted by torrential rains, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the revelers. They were up bright and early the next morning slogging through the mud. It's quite a sight to watch $100,000-plus custom mud machines and racers, mom's daily driver, ATVs, and barely running junkers all blasting through swampy conditions. We're still smiling from ear to ear! If you are interested in the next Muddi Gras, visit

Oddball trucks and vehicles uncommon on the highway can always be found bashing through the goo at these events. It's not often we see cool Fords like this early four-door trucking around town.

A good rule of thumb is never go to a mud event and expect to stay clean, especially in an open top Jeep with no windshield. We love it when some folks will do anything for the camera!

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