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48th Annual TDS Desert Safari

Posted in Events on July 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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Photographers: Ali MansourRick Péwé

As far back as most of us can remember the Tierra Del Sol 4-Wheel Drive Club (TDS) has been bringing thousands of enthusiastic off-road fanatics together for the Desert Safari in the rugged Southern California desert. The Safari is perhaps one of the largest 4x4 events we have ever attended, at least here on the West Coast.

TDS holds the event near the Truckhaven Hills, which rise just west of the Salton Sea on Highway 86 in Imperial County. The hills are chock-full of sand washes, narrow canyons, steep hillclimbs, and very unique geological sand and rock formations, which make for very challenging and exciting four-wheel adventures.

If you have never been to the event and you are an off-road enthusiast and 4x4 connoisseur, hear this: The Safari is a great place to four-wheel with all your favorite classics rigs. The steep walled canyons in the Truckhaven Hills were cut by thousands of years of erosion and narrow down into some very unique four-wheeling terrain.

A portion of the proceeds from the Desert Safari go to help fight land closures and keep trails open, so attending the event helps fellow and future generations of four-wheelers. For information on next year's event visit

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