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Backyard Wheeling: Louisiana Mud Running

Posted in Events on October 1, 2010
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Drag racing is thrilling, but what if halfway down the dragstrip you put in a hard left U-turn? Then imagine that you flooded the dragstrip with a couple feet of Louisiana mud water. Throw in a few hundred spectators, the smell of sweet barbeque, and the heat and humidity of a swamp, and you're bound to have a good time.

We recently spent a Sunday afternoon at the Richmond Motor Sports mud track outside of Richmond, Louisiana, where trucks in four different classes of competitors battled it out for a clean win. If you think full-throttle runs through a sloppy pit with up to 1,000hp race trucks sounds like fun then check out the American Mud Racing Association at

What's It Like?
We got to hop in the Modified truck of Ken Barry for a 1,000hp lap of the course, and it was a hoot! These trucks have full rollcages, little interior amenities, and enough motor to throw you back in your seat. Our first race was a blur as we came off the line and the whole world exploded into a giant brown cloud.

By our second and third run we had a handle on what was going on. Just before the green light, switch on the big windshield sprayers and wipers. Next thing you know you're rocketing down the main straight trying to get the inside line, and when you hit the water the back of the truck wants to lift and pitch, but never lift, and by then you're making the first left. If you get the lead you'll want to hug the bank for the shortest line to the finish while fighting off your opponent, who's trying to pass, but because of the lack of visibility you'll never know if he's trying to pass inside or out. Near the finish the water recedes and it's all mud, so just stand on it and hope you're fastest.

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