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Michigan 4x4 Mayhem

Posted in Events on March 1, 2011
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Michigan is in the news a lot these days with the ups and downs of the auto industry and the woes of Detroit, but there is more to this state than just car builders and desolate Detroit. We visit Michigan regularly to interact with the Big Three automakers and to attend the Detroit Auto Show, but we also like to go four-wheeling while we're there. In the past year we've been there twice and both times had a great visit with local off-roaders.

Michigan may be pretty flat, but that doesn't mean the locals are scared of heights. Jeremy Salewsky has a stroker 383 feeding a TH400 three-speed in his '86 Chevy, but he doesn't suffer acrophobia.

The first trip was last January. We did some backyard snow wheeling. Lots of folks in Michigan have a few acres behind their house, and two such Michiganders invited a few buddies over for some impromptu backyard blizzards.

Then for Labor Day we returned and spent a day at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Silver lake is a great vacation destination. The dunes offer hours of fun for all types of 4x4s, and the town is a great little resort with plenty to do for the whole family.

These two trips don't even start to cover some of the other great wheeling destinations of Michigan, such as Rocks and Valleys, the Mounds, and Drummond Island. How does your state compare for wheeling destinations? Let us know on our website,

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