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Crawlfest 2011: Sand Hollow State Park

Jeep Descending Top Shot
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted May 1, 2011

Awesome Wheeling For A Cause

When we turned into the staging at the Washington County Fairgrounds for Crawlfest we were surprised to see so many rigs at an event that's only in its fourth year. There's no doubt that word spreads fast about a great time! There were hundreds of 4x4s and ecstatic enthusiasts just itching to hit the red rock trails.

Good times and great four-wheeling aren't all the Crawlfest is about. The all-volunteer staff use the event to raise funds for local and national land use organizations such as the BlueRibbon Coalition, Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, and United Four Wheel Drive Association. The funds help fight the good fight to keep public lands open for recreational use and stop senseless land closures.

Crawlfest is held just outside Hurricane, Utah, and the trails are located on designated Bureau of Land Management property at Sand Hollow State Park. The park sits between Hurricane and St. George, so there are lots of other recreational activities in the area to enjoy. St. George is also close enough to get parts for broken rigs and be back on the trail in just a few hours.

The event is also about education. There's a cleanup each event to collect trash in and around Sand Hollow State Park. The cleanup is a great way to show youngsters and those just getting into the sport trail etiquette and respect for the land.

Crawlfest had 250 registered rigs, 700 people, 15 onsite vendors, and 53 sponsoring companies. Registration included lunch on the trail and a raffle ticket for Friday night. Saturday night the big raffle was held and thousands of dollars of prizes were given away. Crawlfest is a great event held at a time of year when most of the country is frozen over with snow. We can't wait to wheel next year's event. For more information on Crawlfest '12 visit


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