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Fred's CA to PA in a CJ Road Trip!

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Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted August 16, 2011

Cross Country And Back!

Huge Update! Fred's trip is complete but that doesn't mean the fun has stopped! Check out the newly added pages 2, 3, & 4 for hundreds of never before seen pictures from Fred's Cross Country Adventure!

From CA to PA in a CJ
Fred Williams was born in January of 1973. So was his CJ5. And that's what he'll be driving across the country, from California to Pennsylvania...and back! They'll be attending some off road events along the way, celebrating 70 years of the Jeep brand, and in the end have bragging rights to say, "I did it!"

Quadratec will be helping the CJ5 with some parts to get it ready for the journey, and with any repairs it may need along the way. Fred on the other hand, will just have to get off his butt and help himself. Check back for daily updates and to see where you can meet up with Fred along his trip! Did we mention the CJ5 is unrestored and basically the way it came from the factory almost 40 years ago!! This will be a journey to remember!

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The latest news from Fred:

August 12, 2011: From Coast to Coast
After dropping by Quadratec on Wednesday, we headed over to Philadelphia to do some sightseeing, then on into New Jersey and down to Long Beach Island. It's official, the Jeep has driven from the Pacific Ocean at the start of the journey all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

August 10, 2011: Quadratec!
3,267 miles later, finallyl made it here to Quadratec! Got a few extra spare parts for the CJ fresh from the warehouse, and gave it a once over on the lift. Headed out to Long Beach Island next so I can officially have driven from coast to coast!

I'll spend a few days on the family farm in PA, then head out to the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler, PA this weekend!

August 8, 2011: Rest Day
Total miles so far, 3,200! Today the CJ5 is parked for an oil change and grease-ing.

August 6, 2011: Rausch Creek
Made it to Rausch Creek for the Topless 4 TaTas ride on Saturday. Lets just say we got a little wet. Then headed back down to Carlisle, PA.

August 5, 2011: Almost there
Really cruising now. Made it through Illinois, Indiana and into Kentucky by last night. Heading through West Virginia now. We're going to make it to Pennsylvania!

August 4, 2011: Mighty Mississippi
Made it to St. Louis! We're going to have to stop and cool off down by the Mississippi River!

August 3, 2011: How did we end up in Cuba
To make up some time, we hopped on the 4 lane route 44 east for a couple hundred miles. We also came up a way to keep cool in the heat. Although, the distraction may have cause us to miss an exit, and we ended up in CUBA! (see pictures for explanations)

August 3, 2011: One more state down, on to Missouri
Kansas was nice, but its time to move on to the next state. Stopped for lunch at Big R's BBQ, and they have pie! Passed through Fredonia in Kansas! A whole town of Fred's. Also picked up Dave from Synergy Suspension to ride along with me for the rest of the journey.

August 2, 2011: From Salida to Kansas
Had a great time at All-4-fun. Adjusted the clutch on the CJ and headed East. Next Stop, Wichita.

August 1, 2011: All-4-Fun
Made it to Salida for All-4-Fun. Gave the CJ a rest today, did some hiking and took some pictures of some of the other guys out on the Carnage Canyon Trail.

July 30, 2011: New Mexico
I made it to New Mexico! Today the Jeep ran great after some minor electrical repairs. Total miles for today was 423 across beautiful country and through rain and shine.

July 29, 2011: The Starting Line
The trip starts here. Morro Bay, California. Time to head east. The CJ5. Runs and drives like a 38 year old jeep. It should be fun for sure!

July 28, 2011: Join Me
Tomorrow I leave for the CA to PA in a CJ trip. The Jeep still has a days worth of work to do, but it's close. Anyone want to join the trip? I found a sweet '73 CJ5 in Colorado that is the twin of mine. Hopefully I don't have issues and need to buy it to make the rest of the trip!

July 25, 2011: Fan-Dango
I just received a new 4-blade fan blade for the CJ5 from Quadratec. The old fan blade looks fine, but next to the bolt holes there is a small crack growing and the last thing I need is to be crossing Kansas and have my fan come ripping out the hood like a baby alien birthing. As for the driver, he rode his bike yesterday to check the mail.

July 24, 2011: One Dang Bolt
Sometimes the little things stop everything. A splinter, a paper cut, a pebble in your shoe can all bring the biggest man to a screeching halt. For me it's been this little bolt in the the exhaust manifold. It is where the down pipe attaches and of course it broke off even after days of soaking with PB blaster and WD 40. First attempt was to drill it out, but the drill won't fit in there because the motor mount is right below it. Then I welded a nut on it and hoped to back it out, only to break off the nut. I tried that six more times with no luck. Heating, spraying, heating, applying wax. Nothing worked. I don't have any tanks for my Oxy torch so I decided to plasma cut it out. That made a giant mess and I finally went to bed to start again today. I have a plan, it'll be butch, but it should work. We'll see later today.

July 20, 2011: The CJ is RAD
The CJ is getting in shape. The driver has a shape, round. The CJ5 has parts coming from PA (Quadratec) and CO (Tuffy and Bestop), but until that stuff arrives there's still plenty to do (yes it leaves in 9 days). For example the cooling system. Radiator, water pump and thermostat flush yesterday. Pulled the radiator, it's in rough shape. Gotta drop it off for a cleaning today. Also dismounted old bias-ply tires for some half as old military radial tires. Best part, some guy wants to buy the bias ply's for a Rover restoration! As for the driver, he ran around the block until he almost puked, then ate taco's and beer.


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