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Fred & Trent’s Really Bad Idea Road Trip

Jeep Front Three Quarter
Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted November 1, 2011

Idiots On Parade

“You boys are either really tough or mentally retarded,” said the man at the gas station as we rolled up into Nowheresville, Idaho. “A little of both,” we replied.

Trail rides are fun. Lock the hubs, drop it in low, and get creepy crawling or mud whompin’. But as the sport progresses the vehicles get more dedicated and less roadworthy. We do the annual Ultimate Adventure trip, where we show you trail rigs running down the highway in the summer, but what if we did the same type of trip in the winter? We recently did, and it was kind of dumb.

Last fall I was talking to Trent Mcgee, head of marketing for Daystar Products, makers of all great things polyurethane from mud flaps and dash panels to bushings, bumpstops and body or transmission mounts, and I mentioned I needed to get up to Montana to retrieve the diesel Jeep JK Rubiwagon project. He said he needed to get his rock buggy up there for some upgrades as well, and the gears started spinning. My boss, having seen my previous escapades with the company gas card, said, ”No way,” but Trent’s boss at Daystar agreed to foot the bill on two conditions: we drive our rigs rather than tow, and we go in January.

With not much for doors, insulation, or heat between the two rigs, we grinned like idiots and agreed wholeheartedly.


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