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The New K-2 Katemcy Rocks

Jeep Cj 7 Front Three Quarter On Rocks
Craig-Ellis Sasser | Writer
Posted January 1, 2012

Big Bad Texas Boulders

Memorial Day Weekend is often the excuse for hitting department store sales or spending the long weekend on the couch, but a few hundred people each year choose to honor the nation’s veterans by rockcrawling the new K-2 Katemcy Rocks in Mason, Texas. This is one way we can all enjoy wheeling for a cause.

If you remember Ultimate Adventure 2007 (Nov. and Dec. ’07), that particular Katemcy Rocks location is no more. The new park is located about 20 miles away. In late 2007, the landowners terminated a long-standing agreement with Randy Kruse’s family and Shain Chapman, partners in the original Katemcy Rocks. They had less than a month to get everything off the property, so the partners loaded up everything from the park and stashed it out behind the Kruse’s house. About that time, other area landowners came knocking. Kruse swears he wore out boots tromping over the heart of Texas before settling in on the new site, which is called K-2. The new site still has lots of exposed granite, and the boulders are big and made for crawling. Of course, there are plenty of large slabs for vertical climbs too.

The new park is a work in progress, so many trails and obstacles don’t have names, and you can possibly cut new trails. In fact, Early Bronco Club faithful Lee Novikoff and Chris Towery were out cutting a new difficult trail that will take vehicles close to the highest point of the park, and already forced one TJ to spend the night out on the rocks. For more information visit the park’s website,


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