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2nd Annual Piston Power Show

Showroom Floor
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted April 1, 2012

No Hybrids!

If there’s one thing gearheads love, it’s the sound of a real engine, a piston-powered engine. Oh sure, some like the quite whir of an electric motor, and some love the roar of a jet, but there’s nothing like the sound of combustion in a cylinder pushing a piston down a bore. Nothing. For some, this celebration of sound and power culminates in racing, while others just like driving, flying, working, or even just sitting around listening to an old one-lunger go pook-pook-pook.

The Piston Power Show in Cleveland is a celebration of speed. While it’s rare to have any fired-up engines inside the expansive building during the show, you can only imagine the noise that happens when it’s time to move all these rigs out after the show.

The second annual event was held at the IX Center by the airport. The building was built as a General Motors bomber plant in the ’40s and made tanks and equipment for years, but has been incredibly renovated to be a first-class exhibition hall.

At the show there is everything from tiny boat engines from the ’20s to modern dragster fare, one of which fired up in the middle of the show. From antique farm equipment and 18-wheelers to airplanes, boats, motorcycles, and muscle cars, if it had a piston it was probably there. Of course we were most interested in the 4x4 rides, and there were enough around to whet our whistle.

Next fall you should check it out as well on October 5-7. For more information visit And remember what they say: “If a piston makes it go, it’s in the show!”


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