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Jeep Cj On A Dirt Road

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Day 1 got me from the Pacific to almost Kingman, Arizona. About halfway through my day the speedometer stopped working. This meant exactly zero of my gauges now worked. As the night began to settle in I realized the headlights were terribly dim. I was running the original stock lights, but pulling over I found the battery was down to just 7 volts! Amazingly the Jeep’s 258 was still running. Rather than risk getting run down by a big rig, I found a dirt road parallel to the I-40 highway and hoped to limp into town on it. However, just as I turned down it, the Jeep sputtered and died. I tried to push-start it, to no avail. Then I saw lights coming toward me in the desert, but instead of help it was a train on the nearby tracks. Stuck in the desert on a 100-plus-degree summer night I admitted defeat and called a tow truck for a jumpstart.