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Mud Bogging At The Farm

Posted in Events on May 1, 2012
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Agriculture is, and hopefully will always be, one of the lifebloods of our nation. From cornstalk and cattle pastures to cotton fields and long forgotten tobacco barns, farming is a rich part of America’s past, present, and future. While economic hardship and harsh weather can take their toll on the farmers of America, some are finding that the vast fields and expansive backwoods can have just as much recreation potential as profitable soil.

The crew that wheels at the farm is a dedicated bunch. Duane Miles picked up a loner 388ci engine from his buddy’s drag car so he could come out and sling mud. Sitting atop Dana 60 front and 14-bolt rear axles, the ’93 Chevy Blazer worked great in the pit.

We recently got invited to spend the weekend on some farm property just outside of Youngsville, North Carolina. Hiding down a few sprawling dusty backroads and between the dense forests are over 150 acres of 4x4 play land. Since the farm’s owners have cut back on their cultivating, they decided to create an off-road club/private park that offers their extended group of friends and family a legal place to go wheeling. Using the land for hunting, wheeling, and farming, the property owners have created a happy balance that fits both their business and pleasure needs.

While there was no shortage of mud, the property had a nice variety of hillclimbs and trails. Cliff Bailey is a regular at the farm and had no trouble working his ’79 CJ-7 through the woods.

Private wheeling areas have grown wildly popular over the past decade. Though not all of them are accessible to the general public, many have open invites and free ride weekends to share the park and adopt new members. We had an absolute blast cutting through the muddy fields and rural acreage of the Carolina farmland and hope to see more private parks like this pop up around the country.

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