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May 13 At Moyie Mud Bogs

Chevy Truck In Mud Pit
Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted October 1, 2012

Happy Mudder’s Day!

Twice a year the hills of northern Idaho begin to roar as thousands of trucks, Jeeps, buggies, beaters, bashers, hill-billies, mountainfolk, country boys, and cowgirls descend on the Moyie mud bogs for a weekend of wild and crazy good times. The Moyie (pronounced moi-yay) spring bog falls on Mother’s Day weekend, and they usually have a second yearly event every September. The event isn’t just a mud bog; there are hillclimbs, a wooded creek-bed trail, camping, and a massive bonfire party with a live band Saturday night. This year the event happened to coincide with one of the first sunny weekends in the Northwest, so tops were down and the action wild as ever, but many years the May mud bog is rainy and wet instead of dusty like this year.

The mud bog quickly sucked in trucks with less than substantial power, and a massive logging tractor was there to drag them out. As usual, carnage struck often with everything from flat tires to busted driveshafts to a broken knuckle or two, sending four-by’s back to camp on the hook.

If you’re interested in attending the September event or next spring’s, check out


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This event is more than just dirty trucks, cute country girls, and a big party in the Idaho woods. Actually, no, it isn’t—but what more could you want?