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SEMA 2013 Trend: Outdoors Inspiration

SEMA 2013 Outdoors Pilot Hummer
Tom Morr | Writer
Posted November 21, 2013

Camo And Overlanding Continue To Influence 4x4s

Everything old is just more refined. Jeeps inadvertently invented “overlanding” in the 1940s, although the originators of 4x4-based camping weren’t in it for recreation. Hunters and fisherpeople have obviously also relied on 4x4 to get them to the backcountry and back.

The overlanding trend appears to have staying power. Maybe people are opting to stay stateside and outfit their vehicles for adventure travel as opposed to, say, flying to Africa for a safari.

Style-wise, camo never seems to get old. The photographic evidence here proves that new twists and techniques continue to keep camo fashion-forward in the 4x4 world. Bedliner material had a solid run as unexpected-use favorite; camo stole that thunder this year. We’re expecting a lot of camo bedliner material next year…

These trends might not suit every 4-wheeler’s tastes or budgets. The aftermarket has embraced them, however, so this is a glimpse of what industry influencers think is hot.

Step By Step

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  • The Toyota Dream Build Challenge for charity was won by the Let’s Go Moto Tundra. The vehicle was a collaboration between Joe Gibbs Racing and N-Fab and includes monster-truck builder Frank Schettini’s fabricational skills. The Tundra looks like a remote pit-stop.

  • Spectating is technically an outdoor sport—particularly if it’s done at one of the mud parks in the Southeast. TrucDec offers a pickup platform that puts fans above the action.

  • Poison drummer Rikki Rockett can live in his overland Raptor if that band thing ever goes belly-up.

  • Pilot Automotive used a camo-Wrapped Hummer H1 to promote its line of camo-finished doodads and geegaws.

  • Custom overlanding vehicles designed to drive around the globe are only limited by the owner’s budget. Accessories and ideas cross-pollinate with off-the-lot-based 4x4s.

  • Cable outdoors shows are popular with truck enthusiasts. RealTree and Mossy Oak camo patterns are popular wrap material for image vehicles. This Kelderman creation even has RealTree wheel spokes.

  • The Pure Hunting Ford used online crowd-sourcing as a virtual focus group. Sportsman Channel viewers chose the accessories, and Matt Dinelli at Attitude Performance in Illinois brought the concept to life.

  • Serious 4x4 now pack ladders.

  • The RealTree camo wrap theme continued onto this Ram's headlights

  • Expedition Outfitters has an ultimate adventure-family setup. It includes a Shutt off-road trailer.

  • EcoTrek builds adventure vehicles that promote renewable resources. This Eco Expedition Super Duty runs B20 biodiesel.

  • DC Shoes entered this custom sledder/shredder in the Toyota Dream Build Challenge.

  • Crap Industries used a digital-camo wrap to draw attention to its Adventure Vehicle Outfitters division.

  • No more hotels for AFE employees: The company's JK tows a customized trailers, which has an ARB tent, its own Warn winch, and receiver-mounted D-rings.