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Custom Cj 7

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Wally Sheata put together this little run for us (thanks Wally!), and while he calls this a ’97 Wrangler, there isn’t a whole lot of Wrangler left in it. Check out the custom-narrowed CJ-7 front grille. The entire Jeep is 10 inches narrower than a regular TJ. The LQ4 engine and 4L60E came out of an ’06 Chevy. From there power goes through a STaK T-case. Up front a high-pinion Dana 60 sourced from a Ford was narrowed and plated as was the rear 14-bolt. Both axles were stuffed with 4.10 gears and welded diffs. Front and rear suspensions are double triangulated four-links with coilovers. The tires are 43x14.50-17 Super Swamper TSL SX stickies wrapped around Walker Evans wheels.