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SEMA Weirdness 2013: Art or Whack?

SEMA 2013 Weird Wood Range Rover
Tom Morr | Writer
Posted December 20, 2013

Creative Entries From SEMA 2013

Cynics believe that modern creativity consists of rearranging existing ideas—everything original has already been done. Some mechanical creations at SEMA follow this line of thinking, while others actually manage to push the envelope. That’s saying something at a show where thousands of custom vehicles are on display in a city so jaded that few things are abnormal.

“Farm strong” never goes out of style. However, this Oakie sleeper C10 is actually a low-12-second machine. It’s powered by a 502 big-block with nitrous. Don’t be fooled by the cap and cowbell.

Not all of the entries here are 4x4s. Some simply illustrate state-of-the-art automotive trends. Airbrushing is more over-the-top than ever. Graphics alternatives increasingly include hydrodipping, which makes it possible to upholster nearly any part.

This creativity might not be everyone’s bag. But it definitely sets the bar for next year. Whether it raises or lowers it depends on your perspective.


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