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Top 10 Trucks from Soggy Bottom Mud Pit

Posted in Events on April 14, 2014
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Another fun muddy weekend is in the books thanks to the crew at Soggy Bottom Mud Pit in St. George, Georgia. We watched some of the biggest and loudest rigs get buried in the nastiest bounty hole I've ever seen at this park. With help from my buddies Doug Hale and Matt Peacock, we were able to capture just about every bit of the action at the park and the 10 trucks that made it worth the 4.5 hour trip from Jupiter, Florida. Soggy Bottom definitely wasn't the biggest event we have ever been to but it could quite possibly be the funnest. We will be back this year with our project rig Universal Mudder. Until then, check out the Top 10 trucks from the Soggy Bottom Mud Pit

1) Dave Starling from Dirty Dave Customs (DDC) out of Jacksonville, FL, takes the top spot this event for a number of reasons. Aside from the midnight booze cruise through the deepest holes at the park, this rig takes the win because Mud Life had control of it for most of the day on Saturday. We originally needed it for a smokin' hot model photo shoot so he tossed us the keys and said to "go hard or go home"! Matt gladly jumped in the drivers seat and took a tour of the park while pulling out stuck trucks all along the way.

2) Second place goes to the Coulter Boggin Chevy S-10 which was the first rig to cross the bounty hole. This insane high-horsepower rig is nearly unstoppable and extremely exciting to watch. Check out the video of the winning run!

3) The Rebel Yell buggy grabs third place due to its really cool design and the crazy loud sound system. This rig has a full DJ booth set-up so the crew from Club Mud can party while they play. Stay tuned, we'll have more info on this build.

4) Dave and Macy Gilliam are the most popular father daughter mega-truck owners and they don't fear the haters. Macy's 5-ton Dodge is a former cover truck and the Dave's Chevy is one of the best built mega-minitrucks we have ever that real thing? Watch it take a jump and get stuck in this quick video.

5) This badass GMC made the bounty hole on its second attempt but the first run didn't go as well. Check out the video!

6) Sixth place goes to the whole crew at Aprile Fabrication and all their badass rigs. Mainly this sick Chevy Blazer mega truck that tried everything in its power to clear the bounty. Check out the video of them almost making it though.

7) Clay Clements and his dad Rick built this square-body Ford on their own with absolutely no experience. Clearly they did something right because it's been to a ton of bogs without breaking a single part.

8) Number eight is a killer looking square-body Chevy that was all over the park the entire weekend. Through water or mud without any hesitations at all.

9) This female driven Chevy tried over and over again to clear the bounty but it fell short. We hope to see her back in action at the next event and we have a feeling she will cross the line next time. Here is a quick video of her getting stuck.

10) The final spot goes to this badass Chevy Colorado that the owner starting building the day he paid it off. I think Chevy needs to take notice.

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