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Las Vegas 2005 - SEMA Hacks

Posted in Events on January 13, 2008 Comment (0)
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39 1/2-inch tires + bead locks = good Commander. (But probably not on a trail.)

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas is full of show-offs. Aftermarket companies show off vehicles packed to the gills with the latest doo-dads. OEMs display their newest rigs, and models show off their, um, assets to help sell parts and stay off the brass poles a few blocks away.

The Commander is the latest addition to the Jeep family, and you may have expected to see lifted versions of the SUV in every off-road booth, but maybe it's too soon (if it ever happens at all). Instead, there were a few of the boxy XKs up in the air, a bunch of street versions with shiny grilles, plenty of TJs flexing on fake rocks, and at least one XJ that had to park outside. There were a couple admirable Jeeps but most look as though they'd been attacked by a six-man marketing team hyped up on enough caffeine to make an elephant hover. Next year we're praying for fewer gaudy crap-magnet Jeeps. Less is more! For more SEMA Jeep pictures go to our Web site at:

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