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Off Road Mudding - 4x4 Jeeps - Michigan Mudding

Wide Scene
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted August 29, 2006

A Day At The Mounds

This is the scene at the mud pit. One Jeep will take a run at it while the rest look on. Once that person is stuck or has made it through, someone else goes.

It might not be a huge surprise, but not everyone loves rockcrawling. Sometimes there is nothing like the good, old-fashioned, wide-open-throttle assaults of hopelessly deep mud pits. Sometimes we just have to go wheeling somewhere with trees and dirt.

So we caught up with David Obney, the president of the Moonlight Stompers 4x4 club, for a day of playing in mud and trail riding in trees at the Mounds ORV area in Genesee County, Michigan.

Jeeps and trucks are not allowed in the park from March 15 to May 15, and there is a $10 fee per vehicle if you aren't a resident of Genesee County. You also need to display a Michigan ORV sticker on your vehicle. We were there the first week the park opened for spring and had a blast.

The park has two main attractions: a wide-open mud pit type of area and miles of tight, twisty, tree-lined trails. Whether you've got a four-popper and just want to crawl or a big, bad, blown V-8, there is something in the park to keep you entertained.


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