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Trail Jeeps & Mud Drag Racing Jeeps at Albright Shores, Michigan

Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted October 19, 2006

Mud, Rocks, Sand, And Pond!

We ended up at Albright Shores, Michigan, after it had received a week straight of rain; the mud was awesome, and the pond (which was actually just a large drainage area) was also awesome. Beyond that, there was a 1/8-mile sand dragstrip complete with a light tree and announcer's tower. As if that wasn't enough to entertain us, there was also a 50-foot stretch of an imported rock pile.

We met up with Phil Griffenham, from the board of directors, at the privately owned park, and he proceeded to show us what was what. Apparently, the big days there are Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in September. We missed both. However, we still had a good turnout with a combination of trail Jeeps, mud-drag Jeeps, and all-around built daily drivers.


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