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Imperial Sand Dune Recreational Area, Glamis - New Years 2007 - Counterculture

Posted in Events on July 23, 2008 Comment (0)
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Over the past decade or so we've brought you smatterings of Glamis coverage. But wh at was once a Romanesque bacchanal of topless college chicks and keg stands has given way to something more akin to the roots of the Glamis movement. It seems it's once again a family fun spot. Or at least that's the vibe we got from our latest visit on New Year's Eve 2007.

The Imperial Sand Dune Recreational Area, commonly referred to simply as Glamis, is framed by the Salton Sea and Mexico to the north and south, and the sprawling metropolises of Brawley, California, and Yuma, Arizona, to the east and west. And whether warranted or not, it has earned a reputation best described as the Wild West meets Mad Max. It conjures images of marauding bands of thugs adorned in Vans sneakers, sporting flavor-savor goatees, amped up on Red Bull, and fool-fueled by Budweiser. It's said they'd light your rig on fire if you got stuck, steal your extra fuel, then make off with your women folk.

Regardless of past legend, the present reality is an overwhelming show of law enforcement on big weekends and a pretty mild vibe throughout the sand-goers. Not only local ranger and border-patrol units, but sheriff's department, California Highway Patrol, and even National Guard patrol the dunes in everything from quads and 4x4 SUVs to wheel-standing buggies and aircraft. In short, law has come to the Wild West and it's safe to wear your calico skirt down Main Street.

When tasked with whipping up some event coverage on short notice, this author loaded up his flatfender, aired the tires to 2 psi, and hit the sand with camera in hand to see what he could find. So here's what was captured on a one-day voyage to the sand from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more info on the Imperial Sand Dunes or permit purchases, visit

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