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1962 Cj5 Exterior View

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We spied Denis Forman's '62 CJ-5 from across a hill and literally chased him down Hollywood style to get him to stop. We're lucky he didn't mistake our photographic zeal for an attempted carjacking and shoot us. His monster rides on a stretched frame with a custom A-arm front suspension, a TH400 tranny, and a four-linked rear using coilovers to locate the Currie 9-inch rear loaded with 5.67 gears and a 35-spline spool. Oh, yeah, and there's that honkin' 355 Chevy sporting a monster Holset turbo and aftermarket injection setup. The intercooled turbo system currently runs at 8 psi while Denis works out the kinks. Eventually he'll bump the boost up to 14 psi, which should raise the power up from its current 500 hp to around 900 hp.