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Jeep CJ's On The Rubicon - Vintage Iron, Vintage Trail

Posted in Events on January 1, 2009
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Photographers: Drew Briner

Yeah, we've already brought you a story from the Rubicon Trail in Northern California this year. But what would you do if you had one of the most famous trails virtually in your back yard and a paid vacation, er, work trip was only eight hours away? That's right; you'd load your flattie onto the trailer, hit the road, and polish some Sierra granite with your aired down tires. At least that's what this author did when he got the invite to the first (and possibly annual) Vintage Iron, Vintage Trail Rubicon trip.

With the exception of one or two conspicuous rigs, any one of these photos could be mistaken for some trail ride out of the '70s. Maybe next time we'll set the camera to sepia and see how many readers call our bluff.

Admittedly, this year's trip was a little rushed. We hit the trailhead early Sunday morning and poked along, making camp at Buck Island Lake half way through the trail before nightfall. The next day, the participants headed through Rubicon Springs, up Cadillac Hill, and out to the crisp air and overpriced hotels of South Lake Tahoe. We had some good fun, just enough trail repairs to keep us entertained, and a warm, squidgy feeling from seeing so much vintage Toledo tin hitting the trail together.

If you've got an early Jeep, whether it's a Jeepster, flattie, Scrambler, CJ-6, or especially a CJ-5 and are interested in participating in another such run next year, let us know by e-mailing, attn: Vintage Iron, Vintage Trail and we'll forward the messages on to the site's webmaster. Or log on to and tell 'em yourself. Please do. We'd like another paid vacation over the 'Con

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