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Red Rock Products - 2010 Easter Jeep Safari Products

Posted in Events on July 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Christian Hazel

We're the kind of guys who have to drop goldfish in the Oscar tank at the pet store. Sure, that big hungry-looking fish in the tank can clearly swallow the much smaller feeder goldfish, but we want to see it happen. If you're at all like us you really like to see things for yourself, too. The larger 4x4 industry events are typically closed to the public, but not the vender's row at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari. You can walk up, fondle the merchandise, ask questions about the new products, and feed the vendors goldfish-only they might not eat them.

Jeep Extracab
Along with its '07-up 3.8L Wrangler supercharger pushing 6psi of boost and a 55-percent increase in horsepower, Avenger Superchargers now offers halfcabs for TJ and JK Wranglers. The cabs come complete ready to paint with a lower bulkhead, windows, and hardware.
Information: 719/594-4766,

Wrangler Truck
River Raider offers all kinds of cool innovative products including trick snorkel systems, smooth skidplates, corner guards, bumpers, aluminum JK half doors, and now this: a JK pickup conversion. The company will build one for you and if there is enough response, River Raider may offer a mail order kit so that you can convert your '07-up Wrangler Unlimited into a Raider ST pickup at home.
Information: 717/262-3079,

Aluminum Armor
With more cool new products than we could ever imagine, we didn't know what to ogle at the T&T Customs booth. We did eyeball the smooth, lightweight-aluminum Treks JK skidplates, aluminum TJ body armor, UHMW plastic-lined aluminum Guardian rocker guards, and especially the aluminum TJ HyLine tube fenders available with several different styles of flares.
Information: 307/775-9565,

Sway Easy Way
JKS showed us its SwitchBlade five-way adjustable sway bar system. It allows the user to easily adjust the sway bar stiffness to different settings to match the terrain and your driving style. You simply pull and turn the sway bar arms to change the stiffness. The SwitchBlade is currently available for '97-'06 Wranglers with an '07-up Wrangler version on the way.
Information: 308/762-6949,

The '07-present Wrangler has a lot of wasted space under the driver seat. Tuffy Security offers the Conceal Carry lockable 16-gauge steel drawer that makes use of this empty spot. It provides over 324 cubic inches of lockable storage space, making it perfect for wallets, handguns, cell phones and other valuables.
Information: 970/564-1762,

All-Aluminum In
Making your Jeep lighter for better performance isn't a new idea, but GenRight Off Road sure is embracing it. The company offers many of its spare tire carriers, bumpers, and corner guards in lightweight aluminum. You can dump the thick heavy steel and get nearly the same protection for less than 30 percent of the weight.
Information: 888/575-0535,

Spyder Bytes
Poison Spyder Customs introduced its simple steel rear JK bumper with optional D-ring mounts. Several styles of steel front bumpers are available for CJs, YJs, TJs, and JKs. We also spotted some aluminum corner guards hidden in the booth.
Information: 951/849-5911,

Fitting all your junk in the tiny stock JK center console might seem like a job for the plunger. Max-Bilt can make it an easier task with its new '07-up Wrangler Command Console. It features a marine-grade 12-volt 20-amp power socket, three 20-amp waterproof switches, two cup holders, and is over three times the size of stock inside.
Information: 715/210-0256,

Baby Got Back
Currie Enterprises pretty much redesigned the entire rear end of the JK Wrangler. The company offers everything from heavy-duty axleshafts, complete Rock-Jock axles, performance lift kits, and a bolt-on Anti-Rock rear sway bar,
Information: 714/982-5298,

Chromoly alloy steel, rolled splines, dual heat treating, black oxide coating, and a 10-year warranty all put together make a TEN Factory axleshaft. The company offers quality heavy-duty front and rear shafts for nearly every popular Jeep application and unmachined blanks for anything not available or custom built.
Information: 800/934-2727, tenfactory. com

Light Bright
Need a flashlight at a moment's notice? Off Road Trail Tools has you covered with its 12-Volt LED flashlight. It plugs into your cigarette lighter so it's always charged when you need it. It's super-bright and never in the way inside the Jeep.
Information: 520/579-2079,

Easy Springs
Still a fan of leaf springs? Dave's Customs Unlimited has several versions of its heavy-duty anodized U-bolt spring plates with or without offset mounting locations (1-inch forward or back). The plates also feature slotted holes for use on front or rear axles with different sized tubes.
Information: 970/216-8179,

Builder Parts
Metalshop Motorsports pushes its Chevy S-10 solid axle conversion kit, but the company also offers lots of useful home-fabricator components such as heavy duty shackles, spring hangers, spring plates, axle spring pads, and more.
Information: 719/332-1295,

Buddy Booster
PRP may have just what you need if you're looking for better little buddy seating. The Premmy Booster is a child's booster seat designed to sit on top of your seats and uses PRP child seat belts to hold the child and the seat in the vehicle.
Information: 800/317-6253,

Easy Fire Out
Mac's Custom Tie-Downs now offers its billet fire extinguisher mount. Simply pull a pin and the whole assembly and mounting collar stay with the extinguisher for fast access. The base stays on the cage. It's really durable, has no rattles, and is way faster to remove for use than other extinguisher holders we've seen. Plus it works with many different bottle sizes.
Information: 866/371-5175,


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