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Moab Jeep Rental Locations

Canyonland Jeep Adventures
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted July 1, 2010

Jeeper For A Day

We've frequently labeled Moab, Utah, as the off-roader's Mecca. And it's anaccurate description as far as we're concerned. But what if you don't own a Jeep? Or you live thousands of miles away from Utah and just don't have the time in your schedule or funds to trailer your junk to and from Moab? Outta luck, right? Never gonna hit those red rock trails? Doomed to walk the Earth without ever experiencing the seal-like bark of your tires clawing the slickrock? Not so. There are several companies in Moab that not only rent Jeeps, but rent them equipped to handle some of the more scenic trails like Golden Spike, Hell's Revenge, and more. So read on for some fly- or drive-in Jeep rental options and consider Moab for your next Jeep vacation destination-even if you're from the other side of the world.

Canyonlands Jeep Adventures
Vehicle type/model and equipment:
•Stock JK two-door Sport
•Stock JK two-door Rubicon
•Modified JK two-door Sport (2.5-inch lift and 33s)
•Modified JK four-door (2-inch lift and 33s)

•$130/day-Stock two-door JK
•$150/day-Modified two-door JK
•$190/day-Stock two-door Rubicon JK
•$170/day - Modified four-door JK

Rentals of 3-6 days receive a 10-percent discount and 7 or more days a 20-percent discount. There is a minimum 3-day rental period during Easter Jeep Safari dates.

Reservation/cancellation info: Your credit card will be charged for one day's rental at the time of reservation as deposit and a 7-day cancellation fee will be in effect. Cancellations made within the 7-day period will be charged one full rental day.

Insurance requirements: Renters must provide their own full-coverage vehicle insurance. Renters must check with their insurance company first to make sure they will be covered for a vacation rental vehicle.

Additional/optional coverage: Canyonlands offers an additional tire and glass policy for $20-per rental that includes free replacement of one tire and any rock or minor glass damage. Like most glass policies, if you completely blow out a window you or your insurance company will be paying for a replacement.

Minimum age: Renters must be 25 years old with no exceptions.

International stipulations: Some Canadian insurance companies cover drivers when renting in the U.S., but most other international insurance companies don't. Renters must provide their own U.S. full-coverage insurance policies.

Trail stipulations: Jeeps come with a booklet containing maps and a description of 8-9 recommended trails for travel in Canyonlands' rental Jeeps.

What is the process for damage?: A vehicle walk-around will be done at the time of pick-up and drop-off. Customers will be charged for any damage minor enough not to warrant an insurance claim and an insurance claim will be processed for major damage.

What is process for trail breakage or extreme stuck?: N/A

Moab Airport shuttle service or drop-off availabilty: Canyonlands offers a round-trip shuttle to and from Moab Airport, as well as local vehicle drop-off and pick-up to local hotel and campsites.

Any off-road driving tips/training offered if needed: Canyonlands will familiarize renters with vehicle equipment but otherwise customers are encouraged to traverse trails at their skill level.

Contact: Canyonlands Jeep Adventures, 866/892-5337,

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