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Southern Spin Tennessee Wheeling

Jeep Cj 7 Front Three Quarter
John Cappa | Writer
Posted October 1, 2011

The Real Slickrock

We’re not sure how the grippy, dry, sandpaper-like rocks of Moab, Utah, have garnered the name slickrock, because the name is much more fitting to the slime-covered rocky outcroppings of middle Tennessee. In the town of Cowan you might think there is no such thing as six-cylinder engines, crawling with ultra-deep gears, keeping a Dana 44 alive, or tires smaller than 42s. Most of the trails are dry slab-like rock creekbeds that just turn flat-out nasty when they get wet. Some of these trails are right in the backyard of Erik Cole. He literally has trails that meander up the mountain on his property less than 100 yards from the back door of his shop. Some people have all the luck.


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