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The West Coast Jeepster Jam

JPMP 120900 TRAS 12 HR
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted October 1, 2012

First time in the West

Jeepster Jams have been happening for years. They are, of course, a regional or national gathering focused on the Jeepster Commando. Put on by Jeepster enthusiasts for Jeepster enthusiasts, the events are a great source of information and feature lots of camaraderie. Of course, the VJ Jeepster isn’t shunned, but most of the activities involve 4WD and low range, which kind of leaves out the VJ. If you live in the Eastern or Central US and own a Jeepster, chances are you’ve been to one of those regions’ Jeepster Jams. But, if you live on the West Coast and own one, you have either been relegated to loading your Jeep up on the trailer and driving a partway across the country or hoping that the national Jam will make it out your way next year.

Well, hope no more. We got the opportunity to go to the first ever West Coast Jeepster Jam. It was a week after TDS in the same location as TDS, but you’d have been hard pressed to keep Trasborg away. It was jam-packed with wheeling, grilling, and even a raffle. There was a lot of talk about doing a West Coast Jeepster Jam for 2013 as well. However, there was some discussion as to whether or not there would be enough interest and both the location and date were up in the air. For more information about next year’s events, check out But for the straight skinny on the 2012 event, read on.


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