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The Monkey And The Football

Posted in Events on March 1, 2013
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It was supposed to be easy. It turned out much more like the proverbial monkey and the football. Let’s set the scene: Trasborg is taking a road trip from Southern California up to Wyoming and back. Along the way he is going to stop to go wheeling, get gas, and tear the Cherokee apart a few times. On the return leg, he knew roughly when he would be passing through Reno, Nevada, and knew that our freelancer Harry Wagner was loosely based in that area. So it should have been a fast email to get a bunch of Jeeps together to go wheeling. Except it wasn’t.

Trasborg has trouble staying on interstates and can often be found off-road as much as on-road on his “road” trips. Wagner was going to be out of town working his real job that weekend. So Trasborg then got a new contact named Denis Volkov, who always seems to be near the computer when Trasborg is driving across uncharted wilderness. Therefore, getting the three main characters in contact with each other was difficult and this run almost never happened. In the end, though, in spite of all the difficulties and changed dates, it happened. We got to wheel Bronco Canyon with a few really nice Jeeps, check out some mines, and see tons of wild horses.

Here’s the rest of that cool ’81 CJ-8. This is one of those Jeeps built to go way out there. The engine isn’t stock, but it’s still reliable in the form of a 4.6L inline-six stroker with both a welder and onboard air. A T-176 four-speed manual and a twin-stick-converted Dana 300 back the stroker while a front Dana 44 and rear Sterling 10.25 put power to the ground. Both axles were packed with 4.88 gears and ARB Air Lockers. A spring-over conversion and home-built bastard leaf packs provide the clearance for the 37-inch MT/Rs. Other neat features are a 4:1 Klune underdrive, a 33-gallon Aero gas tank, and the ARB switches are right on the shifter for easy access. Mark Beguelin is the owner, and he knew a lot of the history and other points of interest surrounding Bronco Canyon.
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