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ARCA Carnage

Front Passenger Side View
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted July 1, 2001
Photographers: John Cappa, Cole Quinnell

That Which Will Not Break Did

Step By Step

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  • On-trail welders seemed to be popping out everywhere, but somehow no one seemed to have any welding goggles. My eyes, my eyes!

  • This diesel-powered Jeep snapped a rear axleshaft when the left rear tire got jammed in this undercut hole. With 60s breaking left and right it was just a matter of time before this 44 let go.

  • Ouch, ooh, ohh, ahh.

  • Repair Costs:
    Hood: $500-$550
    Axleshaft: $200- $400
    Miscellaneous bodywork: $300
    New grille: $269.50
    Two-ounce can of Brasso for polishing aluminum: $2.79
    Watching stuff break, roll, and catch on fire: Priceless

At this year’s American Rock Crawlers Association season opener event we saw enough broken stuff to build an entirely separate, very broken Jeep. Some of the competitors broke on practically every run, and some barely broke anything, but everybody ended the event with something to repair. But hey, that’s what the fans like, right? Spectacular action with unbelievable driving and slick rides all in a competitive atmosphere. This is a recipe for fun and breakage. Check out some of the carnage we saw out in Johnson Valley, California, and next time you are at the parts counter ask about that unconditional lifetime free replacement warrantee. Need more info? Look at for other events, rules, and last year’s pictures.