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Four Wheeler SEMA 2013: Terrible Build Trends

 Gawdy SEMA 2013 Build Trends
John Cappa | Writer
Posted November 6, 2013

Please stop vandalizing your 4x4s with modifications like this...

The SEMA show has always been a breeding ground for horrible build ideas. Even in the early days the vehicles were excessively festooned with automotive accessories like a rich old woman wearing every piece of jewelry she owns. Each year I try to find the most gaudy 4x4 at the show, and I think I found a winner in a Ram Heavy-Duty truck with a chrome and gold undercarriage, although, this truck has some decent lines overall. It might not be so bad with a regular painted underside. Anyway, here is a photo gallery of some of the vehicle build trends from the 2013 SEMA show that I wish would shrivel up die.


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