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Moab's Easter Jeep Safari - Wheelin’ on Red Rock

Side View
Trent Riddle | Photographer
Posted August 1, 2001
Photographers: Craig Perronne, Jon Thompson

Challenging Trails, Gorgeous Scenery, and Hard-Rock Traction at the Easter Jeep Safari Bonus: Video of All the Action!

Step By Step

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Moab: The name calls to mind some of the most interesting and challenging four-wheeling in the country. Located in eastern Utah 40 minutes or so south of Interstate 70, and just a stone’s throw from both Arches and Canyonlands national parks, Moab is a natural habitat for 4x4 vehicles.

Wheelers truck to Moab all year ’round to share the red sandstone in an uneasy truce with battalions of granola-munching mountain bikers. But in the week preceding Easter Sunday, the tiny town becomes wall-to-wall with four-wheel-drive vehicles. They line the streets, jam the intersections, and enliven popular meeting spots. Yes, during the week before Easter, life in Moab is indeed good.

Outside of Moab, however, four-wheeler congestion disappears as vehicles and drivers encounter the 50 spectacular trails that riddle the area. And that number doesn’t count stand-alone obstacles like Lion’s Back and Potato Salad Hill, each of which presents its own special challenge.

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