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Lost in the Forest

Front Passenger Side View
John Cappa | Writer
Posted January 1, 2001

Tagging Along for a Little ’Wheeling Among Friends

Step By Step

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  • The trails in Rimrock aren’t really all that difficult. That is if your Jeep fits between the trees. Lyle and Leona Schrader managed to squeeze their ’69 Jeepster through a few ringers. Can you say flatfender heaven?

  • Mike Meeker came all the way from Texas for the tour. His coil-sprung YJ covers all the build-up mods we would do. Keep your eyes out for a full feature. For now you’ll have to settle for a little silty mud.

  • Yield? Yeah, that’s an understatement. If it were any steeper Wayne Phillips would need a bobsled instead of his ’86 CJ-7. Loose shale and ash from Mount Saint Helens make the runs real slippery when they’re dry.

  • Frank “Ham-of-the-Clan” Currie likes the thin pedal. With plenty of GM horses under the hood we can understand why. He only tried to kill us once in a rollover attempt later in the day.

  • Ken Niemann’s ’53 CJ-3A was right at home in the Washington woods. If you look closely you’ll notice both front wheels are off of the ground. Yes, it’s steep.

  • If you like sidehilling you’ll love Rimrock. Russ Bumgarner took his EFI’d CJ-5 over some spooky goat trails. This one had a nifty cliff just to the right.

  • We caught Tom Telford stuck in the muck. He later tried to convince us that the strap in his hand was a push-strap to help the other guy out. Hmmm, does it come with Viagra?

  • We tagged along for a tour of the Warn plant in Clackamas, Oregon, and some tight ’wheeling in the Rimrock Lake area of Washington.

There’s no feeling like being able to drive right through an obstacle that your buddy can’t make or ends up struggling on like Rosie squeezing into Spandex. We’ve seen a change in four-wheeling ever since various rockcrawling championship contests took hold. The sharing of ideas, camaraderie, and friends no longer takes precedence. It’s all about the win.

To get away from it all a few friends got together to tour the Pacific Northwest and Canada to go Jeeping. Some of these friends are power players in the industry, like Tom Telford from Warn Industries and Frank Currie of Currie Enterprises fame, among others. If you decide to hit the Rimrock trails it’s a good idea to bring someone who knows them. There is a labyrinth of old logging and cattle roads that you may never escape from, but we had some of the regulars on our side so we saw all the good runs. Check ’em out.