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Throttle Down

Front Passenger Side View
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted July 1, 2001
Photographers: John Cappa

Tellico Wheeling, Foothills Style.

Step By Step

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  • Chris Durham brought along his now famous CJ-10. The healthy AMC 401seems to rev higher than physics should allow.

  • We picked a particularly wet time of year to run the already sloppy Tellico rocks. This meant more throttle attacks that offered pinball-like action and sounds.

  • Jeff Walthew’s camo’d ’81 Scrambler motivated by a GM 4.3L spins 38-inchers via Detroit-locked 5.89 cogs and Dana 44s.

Jim Beam, Huck Finn, and NASCAR are all generally associated with the South, and while all of these things are also consumed elsewhere in the world there ain’t much like wheelin’ in the South. Not that people outside of the South don’t go ’wheeling, but it’s different ’neath the Mason-Dixon line. Here in California we’ve got rocks, and sand, but you won’t usually hear someone yelling, “watch out for that falling tree.” You also won’t encounter rocky gullies filled with mud, snow, and Jeeps holding motors built for running bootleg whiskey. When we showed up in Tellico for some Southern-fried wheelin’, we contacted Ken Shupe from Foothills 4X4 to show us around the place.