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Ridin’ Down South

Under Side View Car Climbing
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted May 1, 2001
Photographers: John Cappa

You Ain’t Never Seen ’Wheeling Like This Before! Bonus: All the Action, Caught on Tape!

Step By Step

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  • Click on the filmstrip icon below for video of the Trail Runners in action!

  • 'Wheeling, Monteagle style.

  • Beau Byrom’s CJ-7 powered by a Holley Pro-Jected 350 was damn good at making it down the trail. Notice how all of the little lugs are missing from those Boggers? The trick to quick and easy tire trimming is to take a Sawzall blade and file down one side like a serrated knife and cut away. Big lugs with lots of space between them, and huge doughnuts, make these Jeeps work.

  • Adam Woodlee’s Willys truck proves that tractor tires will smoke when they are attached to a TPI 350 and a full-floating 14-bolt. Talk about a sleeper.

  • Wilson Boyd showed up for some fun in his CJ-2A. The Willys is pushed along by a much-modified F-head motor. Chevy front disks help slow the Lincoln-locked Dana 25, while a PTO-driven winch helps the flattie up and over anything the 33s won’t clear.

  • Snap-crackle-pop! Not a cereal, but the sound heard coming from underneath John Green’s green CJ-7 when he held the go pedal to the floor while going up this ledge. A built 350 quickly pointed out the weak points on this Jeep, snapping both driveshafts and the rear semi-floating 14-bolt’s housing like a Twix bar.

  • Two M715s showed up for the day, and proved that with a little tinkering even the big dogs can have fun in Monteagle. Chad Molitor, his son Parker, and friend Travis Hickman, in the Green M715, try to bury each other in good old Tennessee mud.

  • This maroon ’88 Wrangler owned by Doug Rasbury is built for the rough stuff. A ’76 360 attached to a Detroit-locked Dana 44 front and narrowed 60 rear spun plenty of mud and muck off of the 38-inch Swampers.

  • This white CJ-5, owned by Ernie West, was one of the shortest vehicles on hand for this romp through the woods. Two Dana 44s from a Scout and 38-inch Boggers combined with Ernie’s on or off driving style provided much entertainment until his radiator decided to hug the fan.

  • Jim Haley’s ’82 Scrambler scrambled (hee hee!) up and over all of the mud-slicked rocks thanks to the built 304 V-8 and locked axles.

  • Robert Parish and his orange ’81 CJ-7 made parts of the trail look easy. Despite a slightly cranky Holley, the 350 and SM465 pushed the front tires up and over this huge slab of limestone.

How and why would you turn Boggers into mud-slingin’ rock-chuckin’ tractor tires? When the mud is slicker than grease, and the trails require throttle-down driving, you’ve got to find some way of grabbing hold of Mother Earth and the best way is with a set of large cut mud tires. We were in for an educational experience when we met up with Brian Boyd and some of the Middle Tennessee Trail Runners and some serious Jeeps for a romp in Monteagle, Tennessee.