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2001 Chevy Silverado - Off-Road Insider

Fox Racing 2001 Chevy Silverado
Posted July 1, 2001

News, Notes, Reviews, And Other Important Stuff

Concept Truck Trickery:Fox Racing's Sterling Silverado
Although Chevrolet's Silverado is a few years old, the latest GM truck platform is still an appealing canvas for customizers and concept truck builders. Case in point: Fox Racing's tastefully modified '01 Silverado. Fox, best known for its high-performance shocks and suspension dampers for trucks and its extensive line of shocks and riding apparel for motocross enthusiasts, took a Crew Cab Silverado and modified it with such trick stuff as a notched tailgate, which allows two fullsize dirt bikes to fit inside the bed with the 'gate closed; dual integrated loading ramps; a 5,000-watt on-board generator; a custom roll pan; one-off alloy wheels with bead locks; a quick-fill fuel cap; and special silver paint. To let the General know what you think of the Fox Racing Concept Truck, log on to the GM Web site at

The Legal Files:DaimlerChrysler Files Suit to Block Jeep-Style Grille Used on the New GM Hummer
In a suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Toledo, Ohio, DaimlerChrysler is asking the court to block the use of a Jeep-like grille on the General's new '02 Hummer H2 SUV. DaimlerChrysler filed the suit against General Motors for allegedly appropriating the design of the trademarked Jeep grille, which Daimler Chrysler contends is one of the world's most recognizable automobile styling features.

DaimlerChrysler spokespersons stated that an independent analysis conducted by a respected market research firm concluded that the new Hummer H2 grille design is likely to mislead potential buyers. When shown photos of the H2, nearly two-thirds of all Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee owners who took part in the survey incorrectly associated the H2 with a Jeep vehicle; more than 50 percent of the other SUV owners who took part in the study reached the same conclusion. When asked why they identified the Hummer H2 as a Jeep, most respondents referred to the distinctive Jeep grille design.

DaimlerChrysler is asking the court to force General Motors to recall all H2s distributed with the Jeep-style grille; account for the profit derived from the use of the Jeep-type grille; and award DaimlerChrysler damages for trademark infringement and related violations.

Told You So: GM Goes With Four-Wheel Steering For 2002
As reported in the Nov. 2000 issue of this venerable magazine, the General has confirmed that a four-wheel steering system will be an option on its '02 fullsize trucks. Quadrasteer is a true fly-by-wire or electronically controlled steering system that is based on four main components: an electronic front-wheel position sensor; a solid rear axle equipped with steering knuckles and stub axles/spindles; an electric motor-driven steering actuator; and a master control unit.

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