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2003 Chevy Silverado - Off-Road Insider

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Posted July 1, 2002

Put On A Fresh Face: New Styling For Chevy's '03 Silverado

Although the exterior styling of the Chevrolet Silverado fullsize truck is only four years old and still looks contemporary, the General has seen fit to give the Silverado new front sheetmetal for the 2003 model-year. That's a good thing, or maybe not, depending on how you feel about the look of Chevrolet's Avalanche, since next year's Chevy trucks have been fitted with a front clip that's styled very much like the front sheetmetal on the controversial Avalanche.

Regarding the styling, John Cafaro, GM's vehicle chief designer, stated, "The '03 Silverado's integrated front end flows seamlessly into the sheetmetal of the vehicle with its powerful, sharply chiseled features and angular wheel openings." The styling changes include an aerodynamically aware hood, redesigned headlamps, park and turn signals, and daytime running lamps. Chevrolet's unique mid-grille-style bar, which is seen on all Chevrolet trucks, is prominent; tow hooks and recessed foglamps complete the Chevy's front end.

The new Bow Tie headlights deserve additional mention. Unlike traditional headlamps that are separate from the body, the '03 light housings are affixed to the front sheetmetal; only the inside light parabolas (reflective lens) are adjustable.

There's a slew of changes and enhanced options for the '03 Chevy, including a passenger-sensing airbag system, an upgraded instrument panel, new redundant controls on the steering wheel, an optional Bose sound system, expanded availability of the Quadrasteer rear-steering system, and an optional DVD player for rear-seat passengers.

Of course, all those options and upgrades won't mean a thing if potential Silverado buyers are put off by the new trendy styling. On the other hand, the General's track record for success is solid, so look for widespread acceptance of the angular styling of the '03 Silverado.

Ford's Powerforce Concept: Chiseled, In-Your-Face Styling Teamed With Monster Power
Apparently, someone with a whole lot of authority at Ford Motor Company likes brawny, muscular 4x4s. How else could you explain the Powerforce, a concept truck that takes Super Duty attitude to the next level? Gary Haas, director of Truck Design, said, "Powerforce is a huge truck with a strong individual image; it is the ultimate can-do pickup." Who are we to argue with a statement like that?

The Powerforce is sizeable; Ford claims it is longer, wider, taller, and has more interior space than any pickup on the road. The Blue Oval crew focused on designing a truck that combines all the heavy-duty work and hauling traits of a commercial truck with the comfort and driveability of a light-duty truck, and Powerforce was the result.

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