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2001 Chevy 2500 4X4 HD - Heavy Duty Hot Rod

Posted August 1, 2002

So Cal Speed And Style: Al Mata's Too-Tall Two-By

Fact: The 4x4 front suspension of Chevy's new HD trucks is so similar to the 2WD front suspension that a majority of their components are interchangeable. Thus, a properly engineered suspension lift for a 4WD HD will fit a 2WD HD with only minor mods, and this interchangeability factor is precisely what inspired Al Mata to build a too-tall 2WD Heavy Duty.

Al's no stranger to the pages of OFF-ROAD magazine; his tricked '01 Super Duty - resplendent in Fox shocks, a 14-inch National Spring lift, and 40-inch Hawgs - was the subject of our Dec. '01 cover, and that super-sized Blue Oval still generates calls to our offices from readers who want more information on the big, red truck. Al's also no stranger to wildly modified trucks - his Temecula, California-based shop, Al's Performance, has developed a much-deserved rep in SoCal as a top source for wickedly modified 4x4s.

Al's '01 HD sits atop a CST suspension, which uses scratch-built 4-inch lifted steering knuckles and a complete array of suspension relocation brackets that lift the entire front suspension a total of 8 inches. For fluid wheel travel, dual Fox Shox with remote reservoirs are positioned with custom shock hoops and mounts built by Al. The HD's rear suspension follows traditional design parameters, making use of 8-inch lifted CST spring packs, 4-inch blocks, Fox Shox on custom mounts, and Firestone airbags intended for a semitruck application. While Al was at work on the suspension, he removed the parking brake's OE cable actuating linkage and went with a system he had successfully used on his severely lifted Super Duty: a drag race-style Line-Loc, where an in-cab switched valve controls hydraulic pressure on the parking brake's linkage, thus eliminating the hassles associated with the stock linkage when it's used on a severely lifted truck.

As to the wheel and tire combination, Al selected what he felt was the best combination of style and performance available: Weld wheels and Mickey Thompson tires. The huge M/T Baja Belted tires check in at 38.5x15.50x16.5 and exhibit a wide footprint, which lends a lot of stability to Al's 2500 HD. The Bow Tie's Weld Stone Crusher wheels (16.5x9.75) are certainly up to the task of off-road abuse and supporting the weight of a heavy truck, since their forged two-piece construction creates incredible strength; that same forging process makes for a tight grain structure that, when polished, produces a deep, blemish-free appearance.

The engine powering Al's HD is what many enthusiasts consider to be the General's best truck engine: the new-age Rat. Displacing 8.1 liters, the big-block is a smooth and powerful V-8, but Al installed a K&N Filtercharger to free up the Rat's breathing. When the big V exhales, it does so through a set of The Other Guys Headers, which are electroless nickel- coated, and on through a set of Mufflers West- built exhaust tubes and a Spin Tech muffler. The 8.1 Vortec sends its power through one of GM's bulletproof Allison transmissions, which spins an Inland Driveline-fabbed driveshaft that powers a 14-bolt rear axle cogged with 4.10 gears.

An HD Crew Cab offers a boatload of interior space, and Al figured it was just calling out for a kick-ass sound system. And kick, it does. An Eclipse head unit and a Zapco EQ deliver signals to a quartet of Phoenix Gold amps, two of which send 1,000 watts to the Eclipse mids and tweeters, while the other pair pumps 1,200 watts through a trio of 10-inch JL subs. Moreno Valley, California-based Modern Image installed the sound system and custom-built the subwoofer enclosure. To add the finishing touch to the electronics package, Modern Image also installed a Sony PlayStation and a Python Alarm.

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