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Easter Jeep Safari Moab Utah - 4Word

Posted in Features on May 1, 2003
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Contributors: Mark Nobles

It's difficult to believe the Moab Easter Jeep Safari is just around the corner. Again. Many four-wheelers have had reservations in place for nearly a year, while some are just beginning to contemplate a return trip to Utah. Some people have also had their trail rigs in order for some time, having spent the winter months getting everything shipshape. Others, like myself, are just beginning to think about how much work the rig still needs and how little time there is to get everything done.

A friend of mine called just the other day to tell me he was just getting ready to perform an engine swap and that he planned to have the Jeep in Moab for the Safari. I couldn't help but think, "yeah, right." But I encouraged him anyway and told him I would look forward to seeing it. It's amazing how simple the most complex plans appear in the mind's eye. But the real world always rears its ugly head, and then we're off on a wild ride trying to hold our plans together.

As this friend of mine reminded me, this isn't exactly the ideal time to begin tearing down your rig if you have plans to drag it to Moab this Easter. After all, the slick rock can be unforgiving on even the best-built vehicles. And sitting on the side of a trail trying to wire your ride back together long enough to get it back to civilization is enough to take the fun out of any trip. Nonetheless, we've all done it at some point.

If you have plans to be in Moab for the Safari, don't waste any more time. Make your reservations, get your rig in shape, and for your own sanity, don't bite off more than you can chew. If that old four-banger will get you there and back again, leave it alone. You can swap it out after Easter. After all, the most mediocre machine on the trail is still better than the out-of-reach dream project still sitting in your garage.

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