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Truck Suspension Lift Kits - Hang 'EM High

Chevy Side
Joel Mollis | Writer
Posted May 1, 2003

Go Big or Go Home:Maximum-Inch Lift Systems for Fullsize Trucks

For an ever-increasing number of off-road enthusiasts, bigger is assuredly better. Although the off-road community has always embraced the spectacle of too-tall trucks, past suspension systems on tall trucks was mostly a design-it-yourself proposition, with the owner being required to assemble a set of springs from one source, steering mods and components form another supplier, brake lines and ancillary components from yet another manufacturer, and on and on. The resulting suspension systems were not always reliable, street-legal, or safe, but it was the only option if your wanted a lift in excess of 8 inches.

These days, much has changed. Sure, you can still assemble a unique suspension lift on your own, but an impressive number of suspension manufacturers currently build complete suspension systems designed to deliver a serious amount of lift. The kits we're showcasing in this story are mostly built for GM's HD trucks and Ford's Super Duty 4x4s, and that's because these two machines are hugely popular and lend themselves well to nosebleed lift systems.

What do we consider a tall lift? Basically, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch suspension lift kits are on the edge of reliability, function, and legality, so that's what we've focused on here with this story.

Maximum-inch lift kits are certainly not for every enthusiast because a tall-riding truck shod with massive wheels and tires requires special tolerances (forget about parking in any kind of normal garage; you also won't be driving through your local fast-food joint). Sky-high 'wheelers also draws attention - from gawkers as well as coppers - better than a blond driving a bright-red drop-top Vette. These kits are also way expensive, but that's the price of fame and high style.

If you're ready and willing to reach for the sky, if driving a truck with a tall ride height is a high priority for you, and if you simply must have eye contact with the drivers of big rigs, then this guide is for you. Get it up!

Twisted Suspension Designs
Twisted Suspension Designs offers a full line of extreme suspension lift systems for fullsize GM Heavy Duty 4x4 trucks. The construction of the Twisted Suspension Designs kits are impressive, as the components are computer-designed and use laser-cut, MIG-welded brackets and a sub-frame that drops the entire front suspension and drivetrain away from the OE frame. With such a design, chassis and suspension component strength is maximized, bumpsteer is minimized, and near-OE steering response and geometry is retained.

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