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2004 Ford F-150 Extended Cab - Tubes, Shocks, Power, And Rubber

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Gary Blount | Writer
Posted April 1, 2004
Photographers: Mike Finnegan

The Original Innovator Of Off-Road Madness

Since there were no paved roads when Ford released the first cars to the public, all automobiles in the early 1900s were off-road vehicles. Competition has existed ever since there's been more than one human on the Earth. We'd say that makes off-road racing one of the oldest sports since the inception of the passenger vehicle.

So, when did the mammoth machines make the scene? It began with a construction contractor in St. Louis, Missouri, who used his Ford F-250 4x4 for work and family off-road excursions. This contractor always managed to break the "heavy-duty" components on his Ford, and he would try different parts (frequently pilfered from farm equipment) until he found things that broke less often. This led to the development of the crossbreed farm truck.

In the mid '70s, there were few places to buy parts for your 4x4, so Bob Chandler, the owner of the construction company, took a chance and opened up a shop. Midwest Four Wheel Drive & Performance Center's doors opened shortly after Bob's conception of the shop. As time went on, the Ford started taking on the shape of a monstrosity known as Bigfoot. The extreme performance and appearance of the truck earned Bob his first paid event in 1979 at a Denver car show. Truck pulls in arenas and stadiums soon followed suit, and the rest is history.

Today's Bigfoot 15 is the result of evolved engineering concepts, superior materials, and advanced driving skills dedicated to one thing: the ultimate Monster Truck.

SPECIFICATIONS Owner/hometown Bob Chandler
Year/make/model '04 {{{Ford F-150}}} Extended Cab
Engine 1,500 hp, 572ci Ford, BDS 871 Blower,
  Isky cams, Wiesco pistons, Total Seal rings,
  Oliver rods, MSD ignition, K&N air filter,
  ARP fasteners, Smith Brothers pushrods,
  Milodon oil pan, Cometic gaskets
Transmission Ford C6, BTE race converter, Alabama
  Bands, Alto transmission components
Interior Auto Meter gauges
Transfer Case Custom with quick-change gears
Axles ZF Axles with internal wet brakes
Tires/wheels Custom 25x32-inch-wide wheels mounted
  with Firestone flotation 66x43R25s
Suspension Four-link front and back with custom-built,
  nitrogen-filled long-travel shocks
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