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4x4 On Safari - Trail Guide Moab Survival Guide

Moab Trails
Posted May 1, 2004

A Guide To Moab's Many Trails

3-DRating: 3Location: This trail tours Hidden Canyon, Lunar Canyon, and Brink Spring north of Highway 313 and west of Highway 191. The trailhead is about 14 miles north of Moab on Highway 191 near mile marker 141.Description: 3-D winds along beautiful canyon bottoms and past the Entrada sandstone rock formations. A handful of obstacles such as Airport Hill, the Wall, and Mean Hill might pose problems for stock rigs. The trail crosses sandy washes, two-track dirt roads, some slickrock, and a few ledges.

Behind The RocksRating: 4+Trailhead:Lat: 38 26' 24" / Lon: 109 25' 44" Location: From Moab, take Highway 191 south about 13 miles to a county road on the right. Head west. Follow the county road above Kane Creek Canyon to the top of the Pritchett Canyon Trail, then turn up Hunter Canyon.Description: Behind the Rocks is an extreme trail. Rollovers and breakdowns are fairly common. Certain obstacles, such as White Knuckle Hill, cannot be bypassed. This trail also provides some wonderful views of the region's sculpted sandstone domes and fins.

Tip ToeRating: 3-1/2Trailhead: Lat: 38 26' 24" / Lon: 109 25' 44"Location: Tip Toe leaves Highway 191 about 13 miles south of Moab just after climbing a long hill on the highway. The exit is on the right going to the west.Description: Tip Toe is a less-extreme version of the Behind the Rocks trail. With only a handful of minor rock ledges to traverse, this trail is better suited for stock rigs than its bigger brother. It offers similar views as Behind the Rocks, as well as opportunities to watch other drivers tackling High Dive, Upchuck, and White Knuckle hills on the version rated 4+.

Chicken CornersRating: 2Trailhead: Lat: 38 28' 55" / Lon: 109 37' 29"Location: Head out of Moab on Kane Creek Road at the McDonald's on 191. Follow Kane Creek Road for about 11 miles, then take the right toward Hurrah Pass. From there, it's about 9 miles to the end of the trail.Description: As you climb Hurrah Pass, there are some very scenic views of the Colorado River Gorge and Kane Creek Canyon. Once at the top, the trail follows the rim overlooking the Colorado River. Since most of this trail is graded dirt and sandy two-track, there are no serious obstacles. The trail, however, runs very close to the edge of the rim, particularly where you transition from the trail to the rim itself. The drop is about 400 feet.

Cliff HangerRating: 4+Trailhead: Lat: 38 31' 27" / Lon: 109 36' 5"Location: Head out of Moab on Kane Creek Road at the McDonald's on 191. About 1 mile or so after Kane Creek Road splits away from the Colorado River Gorge, there's a small trailhead on the right. This is where Cliff Hanger begins.Description: Cliff Hanger begins with crossing Kane Creek; be sure to check the depth of the water if it has recently rained. As soon as you cross the creek, the obstacles begin, and they aren't easy. Eventually, you reach the cliff section of the trail, which features a series of ledge obstacles and panoramic views of the Colorado River and Jackson Hole. The drop-off here is several hundred feet.

Copper RidgeRating: 3Location: The trail heads east off of Highway 191, about 3 miles north of the Colorado River bridge.Description: Copper Ridge leads drivers through an area just west of Arches National Park. You'll find excellent views of the Klondike Bluffs and a number of red rock arches. Near the end of the trail, there are two steep hills mostly comprised of dirt and rock, and they're the only significant obstacles on this trail.

Crystal GeyserRating: 3Location: The trail turns off of Highway 191, just a little north of Moab.Description: Near the town of Green River, the Crystal Geyser trail runs through the Rainbow Rocks region, Salt Wash, and Little Grand Wash. There are also a handful of mining trails in the area. Unfortunately, the geyser erupts very sporadically, so don't go expecting a miniature Yellowstone.

Dome PlateauRating: 3Location: The trailhead is near the Dewey bridge crossing of the Colorado River, about 30 miles northeast of Moab on Highway 128.Description: Comprised mostly of dirt, the trail meanders through the area east of Arches National Park and north of the Colorado River. There are a number of arches to be found here as well as a nice view of the Colorado River. The only difficult obstacle is Again and Again Hill, which is mostly loose rock.

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