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1980 Toyota Pickup - 4x Forum

Posted in Features on October 1, 2004
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Bulletproof ManufacturingQ: I hope you can help me answer a question. Bulletproof Mfg., an advertiser in your magazine, is no longer advertising in it, and I can't reach anyone at the phone number. Do you know if the company is out of business, or what happened to it? Thank you for your time.Chris Roblesvia e-mail

A: Chris, We've received quite a few inquiries regarding the status of Bulletproof Mfg. Now called Bulletproof Bumpers, the company was recently acquired and reorganized and is open for business in Santa Ana, California. The company will continue production of the popular Force Field-series front and rear bumpers, in addition to developing and manufacturing new products. For more information, contact: Bulletproof Bumpers, (714) 428-0632,

Toyota Axle StrengthQ: Greetings from Saddam's palace in Baghdad. I have an '80 Toyota pickup sitting on 35x12.50-inch tires and equipped with a Chevy 350 V-8. What can I do to my axles so they'll stand up to the V-8 power and big meats? I've already blown apart the rear differential once, and it wasn't fun. I was planning on acquiring new axles when I get home, but if I can build up the stock axles, I'd like to use the money on future mods. I appreciate any type of help or suggestions you can offer. Thanks for giving everyone an awesome magazine to read.SPC. Trenton L. ShockeyOCPA 170th MP Co.Baghdad, Iraq

A: Trenton, Toyota axles can actually be built to perform rather well in extreme terrain, but the additional horsepower and torque from a V-8 mill and taller, heavier tires will certainly take their toll on the stock axles. If you're dead set on staying stock, All Pro Off Road [(909) 658-7077,] offers many axle-strengthening components, including chrome-moly axle kits, Profields (Birfield replacement kits developed by All Pro and CTM Racing), and front-axle gusset kits. Another option is to swap in Dana 44s, although you'll still be looking at additional costs as you adapt the axles to fit your Toyota, as well as equip them to stand up to trail abuse. A good source for Dana 44 axle assemblies and parts is Drivetrain Direct [(888) 584-4327,]. Either way, with the big horsepower and big tires you're running, you'll need to invest a bit of money into your axles if you want to ensure the most fun out of your 'wheeling weekends.

4.3L V-6 Parts SearchQ: I have a 4.3L TBI V-6 in my '64 Tuxedo Edition Jeep CJ. I need to know what fuel pump to use. I remember that your magazine did an article on a 4.3L swap, and I'd like to know which fuel pump you used. Can you provide me with a brand name and possible part number? Thank you.VBvia e-mail

A: VB, We did carry out a 4.3L TBI V-6 swap on our Project All-American Flatfender and will include a complete article on the subject in an upcoming issue. The fuel pump we used was part of a 4.3L TBI kit from Howell Engine Developments Inc. [(810) 765-5100,]. The company also offers parts and accessories for its kits and factory fuel-injection systems, and should be able to provide the fuel pump you're looking for. Good luck.

Samurai Body PartsQ: Do you know where I can get replacement body parts for Suzuki Samurais? I have exhausted all my resources and can't locate any information.No namevia e-mail

A: No Name, You've come to the right place. A few resources for replacement Suzuki Samurai body parts do exist and are but a phone call away. The Suzuki Auto Body Parts Store [(800) 317-0016,] offers replacement hoods, fenders, bumpers, body panels, and many other Suzuki-related parts and accessories. Trail Tough Products [(877) 789-8547,] is another good source, offering fiberglass interior panels, in addition to a wide array of Samurai equipment. Lastly, Rocky-Road Outfitters [(888) 801-7271,] sells diamond-plate and steel half doors for Samurais, as well as diamond-plate and ABS-plastic interior panels.

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