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Custom-fabricated spindles are an integral part of the front suspension and lend long-legged strength to the front of the Ford. The upper and lower uniball pivots are oriented vertically, with the bolts horizontal so that the spherical bearings are radially loaded. A typical uniball can handle 10 times the radial load compared with the axial load-bolts vertical. If this explanation seems complicated or confusing, simply remember that these FST spindles use a very strong design. Further proof of the strength lies in the welds themselves. TIG-welding was the process of choice when the uniball cups, chrome-moly plate, and spindle stub were melted into one continuous unit. Welding was done in two steps. First, a standard root pass was laid down, one weld puddle at a time. After the root pass was completed, a double-weave technique was used for the second pass. A double-weave TIG-weld is executed by oscillating the torch - and thereby the weld puddle - across the width of the root welds. Done properly, the double-weave pass takes on the appearance of fish scales.