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Front Suspension

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The front suspension was crafted entirely in-house by Brian Barron and the crew at White Motorsports. Beefy brackets drop the stock lower control arms and OEM steering rack 1 full foot. Heim joints were added to the steering links for extra beef. To compensate for the drop, the knuckles were lengthened to meet custom upper control arms in the stock location. Custom upper arms offer the dual benefits of greater-than-stock strength and added wheel travel. The uniball design can tolerate greater angles than the stock ball joint before binding. The WMS lift is coilover-specific and lets users choose from the latest crop of racing dampers to smooth the ride. Russell White's '04 F-150 is a two-wheel-drive, but Ford's front suspension design means that the WMS kit is also compatible with four-wheel-drive models. Compression struts span the gap between the transmission crossmember and WMS cradle, adding to the overall strength of the kit.