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Dualin' Dune Runners

Front Driver Side View
James J. Weber | Writer
Posted June 24, 2005
Photographers: Phil Howell

Double Trouble in the Dunes

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The phrase "actions, not words" is often spoken about, but rarely ever comes to fruition. In a world where ideas and concepts are usually sold more than the products themselves, it's good to know that there are still some people and companies that live up to the adage and just sit back and let their products speak for themselves.

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Loren Snyder and his crew at Explorer Pro Comp Products are just a few of the people who choose to live this phrase out by building some of the best aftermarket suspensions for some of today's hottest trucks. To exemplify this concept, they've literally produced two rolling showrooms that had everyone around our photo shoot doing double-takes. Following the typical philosophy of "if one is good, then two is even better," our dynamic desert duo was born. The first half of the pair is a wickedly fast and stylish '04 Nissan 4x4 V-8 Titan crew cab, the other half is a custom-fabricated '05 AG Sand Cars sandrail owned by Loren Snyder of Pro Comp.

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